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    S. A. Smith

    S. A. Smith is a fifth-generation Texan who has lived in the Texas Hill Country most of her adult life. She has a special place in her heart for small towns, underdogs, and herbal medicine. An armchair traveler, she appreciates other cultures and can often be found dancing in the kitchen to the music of faraway lands while doing her best to duplicate their traditional dishes. Besides having three married daughters and ten grandchildren, Susan and her husband Bill are parents to a host of rescue animals, including five cats (Johnny, Cash, Poldark, Pauley Six-Toes, and Laddie Marmalade), two goats (Lydia Deetz and Sweet Pea), and a Weimaraner named Chaso, which means “chance or opportunity” in the Romani language. The Rain Gypsy is her debut novel, and she has plans for a couple of sequels. Her newest novel, The Cemetery Tender, is partially based on her memories of growing up in a town the size of a thimble.

    You can follow her on Instagram, where she goes by @andallthatsass, or on her Amazon Author Central page. If you'd like to receive her monthly email newsletter (not a "thing" yet, but she's working on it), please let her know in the Contact section here. 

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    The Rain Gypsy

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    The Cemetery Tender