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Hands Cover Image

S. A. Smith

November 11, 2022

Yes, hands are for holding--and for painting, sculpting, directing music, and playing a musical instrument.

They're made for writing, rewriting, crumpling up page after page, and perhaps finally turning the bound pages of a book you wrote yourself.

They're made for sewing, knitting, crocheting, and making something wonderful out of nothing special.

They're made for wiping tears away and bandaging boo-boos, for steadying a child's first steps and later her first bicycle ride without training wheels and later still for helping her into her bridal gown.

They're made for baking cookies and scratching up dinner out of not much in the pantry.

They're made for brushing the tops of herbs to capture their scent as you walk by, for digging holes and planting flowers, and for catching the rain. 

And, above all, for holding memories close to your heart.