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Book Review: Here We Go Loop De Loop

Book Review: Here We Go Loop De Loop Cover Image

S. A. Smith

September 27, 2022

"A Cowboy, An Heiress, Her Brother's Husband, and a Badass Mercury Montego. This is the story of a her loving a him--who's in love with another him--and that other him enduring an unrequited love for the original her."

William Jack Sibley, author of Here We Go Loop De Loop, is a fifth-generation South Texan. Only someone with those roots could create the dried-up town of Rita Blanca and make the reader fall in love with it. The plot revolves around two families. The Pennebakers include Marty, reluctant heiress to the family ranch; her dead brother Tom; and her father Pete, dying of cancer and contrariness. The Lyndecker clan is headed by Pettus, who single-handedly raised his five siblings. The Pennebakers are land-rich, money-rich, blue-blooded Texas aristocracy. The Lyndeckers are land-rich, money-poor, pure-D Texas trash. Drop-dead gorgeous Pettus has loved and left every woman in town. He is currently loving (with no plans on leaving) Marty, who gave up her semi-glamorous life in New York City to come home and care for Pete in his hour of need, if only he’d let her. To Marty, Pettus is just her dead brother’s old friend and a pleasant way to pass the time.
When Chito Sosa arrives in town to honor his husband‘s dying wish to improve Rita Blanca, everyone’s lives are turned upside down. Add subplots involving feuding florists, an immigrant family desperate to leave the U.S. for a better life in Mexico, and the various ups and downs of the Lyndecker clan, and the plot becomes more enthralling with every turn of the page.
With its satirical reliance on small-town Texas life, Here We Go may not be for everybody, but it had me laughing out loud, crying, cheering the characters on, and repeatedly interrupting my husband‘s reading to share passages from the book. I’m giving this Texas treasure five cows!